Friday, May 11, 2012

Cousin Fun

We got to see all of the cousins from my side of the family this year. We had a blast! I'm not sure if poor Christy did since she got the stomach flu the day after she got here, but after she felt better we tried to pack the fun into a couple days. We went to Wheeler Farm with Dana and Matt, Liberty Park with Christy and Charlie (and Karina and Mike and cute little Cy), we made cakes, lots of food (I am a decent cook Christy)! We just had a lot of fun. In addition to cousins coming to visit we added 2 NEW additions, one on each side of the family. Congrats to Kenny and Amy for thier handsome little Alex, and Haley and Bob for a precious little Lily!

Bradleys 5th Birthday

"Only lucky kids get to have there birthday in Disneyland." Bradley
That is the first thing Bradley said the morning of his birthday. He was so excited to wear his birthday button!

He wanted one of these balloons so bad, I still can't believe it made the trip back to Utah without getting popped!

Disneyland 2011

Our first day at Disneyland was AMAZING!!! We had waited until the kids were at good ages, they were able to ride every single ride, and like the brave little kiddos they are, they tried every ride once, even the tower of terror!
We turned into bugs to watch a movie!

We got Goofy in Toon Town!

We got Terrorized on the Tower of Terror

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Casey and Franks Wedding

In August Madi and I took a little road trip with my parents to California to visit attend my cousins wedding, we visited with Christy and Charlie, My Grandma and Aunts and Uncles, and of course my bestest friend Amy...why don't we have any pictures????

We stayed at circus circus in Reno to make the drive a little more bearable for the little kiddos.

My mom and her bag of gambling totally cracks me up. My favorite part is that she accidently left it in the car so she had to have the valet guy go get the car for her so she could get her bag o change. I teased her that she tipped the valet in all quaters...

The next morning we woke up and headed to Sacramento. I am not going to lie the entire trip was planned around what I was going to eat while I was there. The food included Jim Boys Tacos....oh my favorite, togos, california donuts, BJ's, since we were only there for three days I had to plan out my meals according.

The wedding was gorgeous!!!
Me and Grandma Doris

I love my Aunt it wierd I still call her that????

Madi Cakes enjoying the road trip

Christy and I enjoying that awesome wedding party....because it was a very fun party!

The party included a rendition of YMCA just to tease my cousin since she did not want that song at her wedding, the boy cousins dressed up....well lets just include the picture, this is for you Charlie :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sailing and Swimming

Swimming has been a HUGE part of our summer fun. My kids would swim 24/7 if I let them, but since I am such an awful mother they only get to swim once a week or so. Everytime we go to the pool I totally space taking pictures so here are pictures from one of our swimming trips.

I know these goggles are ridiculous but oh my gosh she loves them and they totally crack me up.
Grayson and Maycie have both done so well swimming this year. They can both "dive" which isn't really diving, it's just swimming under water.

I LOVE TO GO SAILING...... Here are some fun pictures from our first sailing adventure with Grandma and Grandpa Rice

My dad is such an awesome Grandpa, he loves teaching the kids new things. They all
loved feeling like the Captain of the Ship for at least a couple minutes.

Oh Madi Bear you are just the cutest thing ever!

Enjoying the great outdoors

We were very anxious to get outside this summer. We had a VERY long winter and I felt like I couldn't have handled one more week of cold weather, so when it finally warmed up we did some fun things!

We hiked donut falls with the Moons and the Silver Lake with my Aunt Connie and Uncle Ken, and of course Grandma Rice.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stadium of FIRE

Stadium of Fire was AWESOME.

Once again my sister invited me and to my surprise we were in the front row. No pictures of us together will be included in this post because we both look like poop in every one I took. Kym is the bestest!!!! Anyway it was an awesome show. We got to see Brad Paisley and David Archuleta perform. And as the pictures show we were right up close! I didn't include and pictures of Brad because my phone battery died right before he came out....sad sad day!

Flaming Gorge 2011

We took 2 pictures...that's it! So normally my favorite summer trip is to Flaming Gorge, but this year it was a little bit of a nightmare. We decided to camp with Jake and Manon which was fun when it wasn't raining but I think there was maybe a total of 10 hours without rain the whole 4 days! We tried to keep the kids dry but it was a joke. So instead of tanning, boating and crawdad fishing we hung out in the tent trying to stay dry, went and got ice cream, and took a tour of the Dam. Thank you Jake and Manon for being such great camping buddies!!!

I like to RUN.....................

I never thought that I would really like to run, but I do and I am totally
addicted! So here is the recap of my first races:

My first race was the Race for the Cure....not really a real race but it was such a great experience. We had a great time and its pretty safe to say I want to make it a traditon. I did it with Allison, Jessica and her kiddos, they lost their mother and Grandma to breast cancer and I was honored they invited me to come. We had a great time, but it was definantly a day filled with emotion, reading the shirts and signs of the people walking with us just humbled me. It is such a great cause and I can't wait to do it again.

Ok so there is a reason we both look blinded by the was 3:30 AM, niether of us slept a wink and I was totally running on adrenaline. The Utah Valley Half Marathon was my first real race. We loaded the buses at 3:30 and drove up the canyon to the starting point. When we got up to the top I realized my first mistake I didn't take any Ibuprophen, which is a total staple when I run since I have bursitus and it tends to flare up, so after asking a nice lady we found some and moved onto the starting line, once there I took my GU...mistake number 2, don't take GU with caffiene if you haven't taken it before. It totally made me sick. I was so nauses as soon as we hit the 1st mile marker. Ahhh all of my training and I felt like all I wanted to do was barf. Anyway I am still not sure weither it was the GU or the after math of the stomah flu I had the week prior but I finished. My goal was to finish in under 2:20 we had to make a couple bathroom breaks, but after all was said and done we finished in 2:24 (I think). I really couldn't have done it without Allison, she kept me going and stopped with me on all of my potty, I have had 4 kids remember, my bladder isn't what it used to be :)

Double the Fun

This summer started out with an awesome party to celebrate Maycie turning 6 and my precious Madi turning 1! I still can't believe that a whole year has gone by. So to celebrate we decided on a hot pink and zebra print theme, you can't get much girlie than that! We really had a great time, it was perfect that my sisters were all in town to help celebrate. Thanks to the Smith Grandparents for letting us use your awesome yard! Did you see that cake? I have one talented sister. (thanks Dana)